The Doppelgänger world.

I am an experiment in a doppelgänger world

Suspended in womb like machines, slowly submerging into another state
Nurses in masks and blue rubber gloves
Arrange tubes and modules aNd needles and wires
The professors see to me
Oneiric activity monitored by a chip in their heads
I hear their voices but see something else
It’s the programming of the day walkers they say

Nothing but tress and blocks of flats and sky and earth
The earth we all once knew.
You will wander in this moving world
Trapped in loop
But you will also be
in many other places at once
These visions distract the conscious mind
While The other parts of your mind, scatters

The hypnotic mantra of shapes and lines
pushes My Consciousness across the roots of space and time
One universe inverse in another
Layers upon layers
Nodes touching nodes
Binary life in black and white
Data crossing memory streams

I feel my head break up and split along parallel worlds
And I’m everywhere at once

I walk in a doppelgänger world
signals askew ringing in my head like a dizzy spell
I spin
half dreaming out of my body
My skin is clammy
Sudden hunger in a wintry world
Weather flipping from heat to cold
Snowstorm warning on a broken car radio
Off highway sixty one
Road unending,deep in headlight night
I Grip the wheel
Gas station sign
Turn in, jam the breaks
report to the bearded man

The key to the bathroom is lost

I am pissing in the undergrowth behind the station
American talk show trash spewing out grimy windows of a five hundred dollar getaway car steam escaping my mouth
Clouds of unknowing
Cop cars wailing by
National tv displaying my face
I leave the car behind, and disappear down the hill.
I run in a doppelgänger world
Frightened girl clamping my arm in a shopping mall
Hiding behind mannequins, aiming for the elevator doors
The hunt is palpable, we taste fear and dire straits in our throats
Vicious men in Armani suits circle the ground, tense and targeting our fragile bodies
If we are caught
she will be taken from me
Never mind my torture
The wet towel drowning
Nails piercing skin under nails
Pliers and teeth and electrocution

They will take her womb
They will take our children
They will take our special minds
We run
We dash
We Slip in between sliding doors
The men, do not see us
Blinded by illusions from her mind

I sleep in a doppelgänger world
Red sheets soaked with negress sweat
A naked woman steps out of an aquarium of eels
Her breasts taut and standing
Drink my love, she says
Drink and live forever

I fuck in a doppelgänger world
Beating my child bride senseless
licking blood from her thighs
She cries
Her tears taste like honeycomb and whiskey
My breath stale with cheap cigars
My knuckles raw and wounded
My hands do not shake
Despite the soil under my nails
The backyard is my perfect matrimonial field
My little darlings in their little boxes
Screaming my name
their little voices swallowed whole by mothers earth

I make love in a doppelgänger world
Silent queen, an ocean of dreaming
Im Drinking from impossible depths
She touches my face and I am redeemed
Not by the phallic cross but the sacred vulva
I kiss the nape of her neck
Jugular, pumping life into mine
Do not be afraid, she tells me
Breath like silk
As sweet as the nectar of the gods
Her love guides me in battle
My sword sings in the clashing fields
My enemies cut us down with steel and arrows and fire
They advance, they surround
But we are not afraid
I kneel by her deathbed
A bead of Sweat drops on burning grounds
Her breath stops
The house is stormed

I die in a doppelgänger world
Burned as a heretic
Flesh bubbling under armour
I die by her side
My sleeping queen
She speaks to me from the other world
Do not be afraid she says
We die, then live forever

I wake in a doppelgänger world
Sitting before pools that are mirrors
Black water swirling
In each window, those very scenes
Each window a story
Each window, me, in doppelgänger worlds
I take from each, an essence
Powers lost, abused, used, released, birthed, killed
I drink from all portals
Filling my veins with life retracted, redacted, recreated
Merging and mingling in a singular heart of hearts
The light
The dark
The temporal
The everlasting
I am a multitude of drops in an ocean of I
I am you and you are me
And we are them
And they, us.
Each living in different frames of
one spiraling film
Telling a complex but unified story

Pen on A4 paper She knows she is both dark and beautiful, gentle and dangerous. She knows you are like this too. She holds up the mirror to your seeing soul, so it too may see which flowers you feed. Is it the flora of life or the flora of death? Do you nurture or annihilate?

Pen on A4 paper
She knows she is both dark and beautiful, gentle and dangerous. She knows you are like this too. She holds up the mirror to your seeing soul, so it too may see which flowers you feed. Is it the flora of life or the flora of death? Do you nurture or annihilate?

His Majesty’s Last Day Dream

Words by Muslim Sahib. Music and Movement improv by Pereira Irving Paul

His Majesty’s Last Day Dream.

His hands are soaked in butterfly blood
Wing tips pinned down
With needles bore from the voodoo Queen
Antennas detect Death sipping
Moonshine off a tea cup
Compound eyes watched helplessly
As the Krazed King Kuiper
Sharpen his tools with ox hide
Dissected guts of the butterfly
Reveals pieces of the present
Shred stained glass wings
Diffracted light into a spectrum of past and future
And when pounded by a meteorite
The butterfly blood will paint a prophecy
A prophecy that gave the Krazed King Kuiper his name
Is there no way!
No way to change this future?
Two thousand different species
All told the same story
His five thousand year old lineage
Will die with him
None of his children
Will survive their coming of age
And this renaissance
This era of wealth and art
And deviation will end here
As he sits on his silk throne
Contemplating who will take over his throne
The fumes from incense
Of dead burning caterpillars
Took over him
He began to day dream
Upon his death
There will the war of the three kingdoms
The Snakes will take over the world
They are the most powerful
And have the most gold
They are not afraid to poison
Anyone that did not follow them
The Bears will fight back
They believe in a just and free kingdom
They were the bravest
They had a loyal following
But one by one the bears fall
Because they are too honest and too just
They underestimated that many
Could be swayed by gold
The Falcons did not care
All they wanted was trade
They are willing to fund their enemy
If it is suited them
They see everything
Hear everything
Know everything
But you can never tell
What their true intentions are
Or where their loyalties lie
All across the land
There is ash
There is decay
When the wind spoke
It said
Let them burn
Let all of them burn
As the Kazed King Kuiper
Came back from his day dream
He said
This cannot be
He leaves the great hall
Goes down the dark tower
Into the private garden
And entered his greenhouse
He began smashing butterflies with his meteorite
The meteorite that was a gift from the heavens
To King Albert
The first in his line
For bring peace during the war between
The spirits and the humans
As he sits on the floor
Staring at his hand
Soaked in butterfly blood
An image appeared to him
A giant metalmarks butterfly
Its wings span the width of the greenhouse
Its body was twice as tall as a man
And it spokeMetalmark Butterfly: It said it is time Kuiper

Krazed King Kuiper: How dare you call me by my name, I am King

Metalmark Butterfly: You are no king to me. It is time for the prophecy to fulfill itself.

Krazed King Kuiper: But why? Why have you haunted me all these years with impending death?! Have I not given prophecy to the people? Have I not given them the fire of life? Have i not brought the world progress? Have I not brought riches and power to the world? Why?

Metalmark Butterfly: During the first of your line, we have granted your kind with the gift of sight. We allowed countless of butterflies to be sacrifice for this gift. But your kind have done nothing to benefit anything else on this planet except yourself. We gave you sight but yet you are still blind. We will wipe the planet clean of your kind and it will begin with your death.

Krazed King Kuiper: It was my forefathers who did it! Not me! I can change! We can change! We still have time to change!

Metalmark Butterfly: Yes you are right, the time for change is NOW!